Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am so jealous. You have no idea. You know, I am not by any means the only one of my friends to have a blog. I probably have friends whose PETS have blogs, because I can think of several pets with MySpace pages and Facebook fan groups. (**Cough, cough, DEVON AND BUSTER, cough cough.**) But let me tell you what I found out last night. We had book club last night at Ou La La, home of the world’s greatest chocolate covered espresso beans. And several of us have blogs; I think there was a race to see who would post about book club first this morning and I obviously lost.

So…… of the girls says that she doesn’t put anything personal on
her blog. Would you like to know why?

BECAUSE SHE HAS FOLLOWERS!!!! I don’t think too much about who reads this blog
and I definitely don’t think I have any readers who have not physically spoken to me at least once. In fact, If you are reading this and I don’t know you, speak up, because I want to know. Anyhow, girlfriend has over 200 people who get updated on her daily life. Damn! I think that’s so rockin’ awesome! My little friend is an Internet sensation. Like a mini-celebrity.

Is it strange that I think this is a big deal? Is that just showing my age? I read blogs – I probably read too many blogs. But most of them are either written by people I actually know or about some sort of crafty thing – digital scrapbooking is my new toy. The one exception is the
Blog d’Ellison. I LOVE the BdE. The guy who writes it cracks me up. But I just don’t read too many “random” blogs. Perhaps I should.

Another of the book club girls has an equally
great blog, but it doesn’t have a follower option on her page. There could be twice as many people who read her blog but I just wouldn’t know about it. I think I am getting blog insecurity. I should get a follower counter. But what if NOBODY FOLLOWS IT? It would freak me out. I would feel like the paste-eater of the Internet Blogging Scene. I would be the blog that tries too hard. Hmm.

Here is (most of) our little No-Name Book Club – I would tell you which one is Miss Internet ’09 but I think it’s supposed to be a secret.

Right now, we are in the midst of discussing “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers, but I am not going to talk about it, because I have another book to tell you about which I think is having an adverse effect on my life.

A friend of mine – Miss Internet ’09, in fact – recently lent me the book “
Prep.” It’s about boarding school, and it’s written by a girl (woman, I guess) named Curtis. And I hope she was really cute, because I feel very few female people could pull off Curtis as a given name. I understand the boy’s name as girl’s name thing – I sort of have to, unless I want to change the name of this blog. But I feel Curtis is going a bit far. But that’s beside the point.

“Prep” has as its main character a girl who is in Boarding School on scholarship and all her raging early teenager emotions are all deeply explored in this book. All the awkward feelings she has are written out letter by letter. Her first crush, the more popular people, the less popular people, the uncomfortable stuff you don’t want to remember? It’s all there. And ever since I read it I have these moments where I feel like I am 14 years old. I think the character has given me her inferiority complex. And now it is seeping
out off me in strange ways.

Like deranged blog follower jealousy.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you DO have followers! Just waiting for you to slip up and say something I can get on you about.

A Belle and her Beau said...

girl you are cracking me up! Put up the follower option and I will follow you all day long :) I can even get my peeps to become your peeps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog shout out! I actually do have a follower option, it's just down at the bottom of my blog... unfortunately, I cannot say that I have many followers (just 2 of my close friends). But I know more than 2 people read my blog, so I'm okay with that. I'm definitely no Miss Internet '09 though!