Friday, January 16, 2009

Yay for love!!!!

One of my best friends, Chuck the Girl, is getting married. I am quite the excited one, not only because I love Chuck and I am happy for her and all that, but also because I do NOT have to buy a bridesmaid dress. I am a terrible bridesmaid. My Phi Mu little sister asked me to be a bridesmaid (This was several years back. She now has two kids, so at least the wedding took.) and here is the list of things for which I am sure she later regretted having me in the wedding.

1. I missed SEVERAL showers.
2. I forgot to bring her lingerie gift to Savannah for her bachelorette weekend. (In fact, it’s probably in a closet somewhere.)
3. I was half a day late for said bachelorette weekend.
4. I also had a little sleepwalking episode at the bachelorette weekend which really does not have anything to do with this topic but it was funny and I will tell you about it one day.
5. The Todd and I blew a tire on the way to her wedding rehearsal and I missed the first half of it.
6. I took off my dyed sandals and wore
Chaco’s under my dress at the reception. (Shut up. They were cool then.)

So you can see how I am extra excited to be just a regular guest at Chuck’s nuptial festivities. Well, I’m doing the save-the-dates and the invitations to a shower we are giving her, but that’s just fun for me. OOHHH, and I get to do a reading, and I am allowed to read anything I want, which is just mind-boggling with possibilities! Suggestions?

Now, in Chuck’s honor, I am giving you the top four true “how we started dating” stories I have ever heard. In the interest of anonymity, I will not tell you who they are, but one of them is me and the Todd.

Couple #4 – We will call them Jack and Diane.
Diane lives in the country. Jack’s family moves in close by, I think next door but I can’t remember. Diane brings a homemade blueberry pie to welcome Jack’s family. Jack sees her cross the yard with a pie and decides right then and there that Diane is the woman for him.

Couple #3 – We will call them Jake and Samantha.
Jake and Samantha’s folks are friends, but Jake is way old and way hot. Years go by without Jake and Samantha having any contact at all. One day, Samantha and her friend see random dirty hippy at the local bar. Random dirty hippy is watching Samantha, and comes over to ask how her family is doing. Samantha has no idea who random dirty hippy is, and is a bit freaked out. Random dirty hippy introduces himself to Samantha’s friend. Samantha realizes random dirty hippy is old, hot Jake. Love ensues.

Couple #2 – We will call them Fred and Daphne with a guest appearance by Velma.

Daphne and Velma are college roommates. Velma has many classes with Fred, as they have the same major. Velma repeatedly tells Fred that her roommate is perfect for him, but Fred and Daphne NEVER MEET. After graduation, Fred declares he is going to the mall to find a wife. Velma goes with him. He spots a random girl in a bookstore and announces to Velma that the random girl will be his bride. Velma looks into the bookstore, and the random girl turns out to be her roommate Daphne.

Couple #1 – We will call them Chuck and Matt.
Chuck and Matt go to high school together. Chuck is the snobby cheerleader. Matt is the regular guy. Chuck and Matt do not really run in the same circles. Fast forward to their 10 year reunion. Chuck sees drop-dead hottie. Drop dead hottie is Matt. They end up engaged. Sometimes life is a John Hughes movie.

I love you, Chuck and Matt!

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scrappy weiss said...

alright, jamie. your blog is a frickin HOOT! i'm not at all funny on my blog and pretty much stick to the scrapping thing so this is super refreshing. thanks for being one of my "followers". hope to have my own cult some day.

erin aka scrappyweiss